Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Preserving Specimens for Study [of Beauty]

In order to insure quality and consistency in your research, it is important to invest the time in finding the proper grade of specimen. In doing such, I find that it helps to consult only the best sources-- in example: McQueen, Rodarte, Chanel, and of course, Lanvin. It is also wise to focus on specific elements, and in doing so, the face retains an unmatched glow. It will decorate your shelf very nicely.

1) Rodarte: a tinge of plum mixed with the macabre equals high intensity without flash.

2 & 5) Alexander McQueen: Sometimes it is necessary to wrap the head in order to maintain integrity. I suggest netting as it creates a rather dramatic modernity, as well as play with the placement of hair.

3) Lanvin: Eyes are the window to the soul, didn’t you know? A heavy curtain adds intrigue.

4) Chanel: forever a great in all areas of fashion. Perfectly timed elegance never goes out of style.
All face pics from, rearranged lovingly in my Photoshop laboratory.

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